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Descendants of Eve by Damini Awoyiga

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Us descendants of Eve Are not here to please

We may be beautiful

But… do not be deceived

we are smart

turning new pages, making new pages

in His-story and making it Her-story

Our minds shifting like gears

over the years

the women before us

made way for us

And bestowed upon us

The gifts of Life intelligence, cleverness, and elegance

So we could be so smart and poised

equal to the boys

To make some noise

To be heard and adored

we sit on the thrones that we made with our own blades

elevating our sisters to sit with us

and not beneath us

Us descendants of Eve

All from different nations

All of different creations

We all have our past presents and futures

In the past, we could not rise

Even when we tried to rise we were turned away

They said we had to be below

That we had to be given the microphone

To speak

We couldn’t take the microphones

To amplify our own voices

In the present, we are rising Hand in hand...


With more rights

Taking flight

Pushing oppressions with all our might

In the future, we have resin

Our daughters coming next

Have opportunity

And finally

Women and men have equal pay

No matter the skin colour gender or race

And we are all moving forward





Us descendants of Eve

Fighting for ourselves

In an all-male room

A woman’s opinions fall on deaf ears

And cannot be heard…


they are silenced…

People say women can’t lead

They should be led

But this generation of Eve

is not led we lead

Us descendants of Eve

Fight for what we believe

And make our voices heard

Even when people don’t want to listen

We raise our hands high…

And change the world…

We don’t wait for the world to change for us

Us descendants of Eve

Are amazing in Every way

We have girl power

We fly higher

Work harder

When boys make remarks like

“ go make me a sandwich “

Because we are smart...

or we have brains


We know how to train

Well they should go refrain

They may call some girls

“ man-hater “

When they call them out


I thought sexist remarks were getting better

But It seems they’re just getting clever

Boys rating girl on a scale of one to ten

But girls you should know you are a 10/10

don’t let people's comments stay on your skin

Brush them off

before they can show

like an ink tattoo

You know who you are

You are a proud descendant of Eve

Paving the way, being brave

Geniuses with passions

Just imagine

Us descendants of Eve

Are hustlers

Badasses with minds

Rebels with a cause

When you add brains to our beauty

We are girls on fire

Us Descendants of Eve

Emerge from glittering seas

Filled with identities

With individualities

With love and harmony

Us Descendants of Eve

Are shameless for what we believe

And now we don’t conceal the truth anymore

Yes… this is what we believe

We believe that Black Lives Matters

We believe that Indigenous lives matter

We are feminists and we should be proud to be

We value equity

Us descendants of Eve

Make up a large part of the world

But we do not run the world

The world is run by men

But I think that should change

I think women and men

Should run the world together

Side by side, not one below to other

Us Descendants of Eve

Deserve recognition for the work, we conceived

But too many times

The men get recognized for the work we brought to life

with our own creative minds

Us descendants of Eve

Do not wait to be saved

we save ourselves

with stealth imaginable

with mirth compatible

In gold and frankincense

We dress

No longer bequeath

No longer child brides

Nor slaves to the eye


On gold horses, we ride.

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