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Our Crowns by Damini Awoyiga

Our gravity-defying hair

Our hair riots and rebels

against the things

that try to tame us

that try to shame us

our hair sustains us

Gives us pride

it is beautiful

With every twist, kink and loc

We sing praises of our hair

as it goes through phases





box braids,

Beads in our hair

clinking as we play hopscotch

As we do Double Dutch

Our hair full of its own wisdom,

rocking and bobbing in a natural fro

With a Black panther power spring in our step

We walk with strength and purpose

We will continue to refuse to cower

Because we know we can-knot

be stopped


Our hair, sparkling with a black girl magic spell

our magic courses through our veins

and grows out in our hair

The smell of shea butter

coconut hair cream

scalp spray


“ breath in ”

reminding us of last night potion


creating this stunning

This stark

This radiant

head a’ hair

moisturized n’ curly

Smelling good

Feeling good

looking good

all the things we put into our


lustrous hair

to beautify

with care

all the broken combs that fought with our hair but never won the fight

all the gel that tried to tame our hair

pulled back tight

all the

creams n’


and relaxers

from Just for Me Hair Relaxer

To Luster's Pink Oil Moisturizer

our tall coiling Crowns

are written stories

with curled cursive words

Our coils hold the stories of survivors

The story of us

The story of our ancestors

of our culture

of our past

of our present

of our future

of our beginning

of our ending

Our origins

Our Hair empowers us

Hair is an identifier

Our hair tells the story of power

The story of influence

Our hair holds emotion

it holds our pain

it holds our history

Learning to braid hair

the art passing through

generations of strong black women

our hair in its different but wonderful shapes

shaping history

shaping cultures

shaping paths

cutting combs making paths through our hair

like the ones


walk through

the pain we endured

as black girls as Black women

Our hair does knot Stand Down

It stands up

demands what it wants

Just like us, black girls,

Place your crown atop your head

Whatever it may look like

whatever it may be

Embrace who you are

from head to toe

wear your crown with your head held up high

How...evaa way you chose to style it

just know you are rocking it

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