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Mayann Francis King Woman by Damini Awoyiga

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Grew up in the Whitney pier

Born of Cuban roots

Little black girl didn't know where this world would take her

Foretold future with Elizabeth in her name

A Black woman with pride

Like you are in the presence of royalty

Honourable Beauty

like an Ashanti warrior

Mayann Francis

The first black female lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia

dressing like the royalty she is

She is Chic

She's dashing on fleek

She's elegant

She's fashionable

A born fashionista

Grounded through spiritual beliefs

Grounded in her African roots

leading and speaking for her truth

Serving with Allegiance

She is a strong

Black woman

Her black girl magic might put you in a trance

She is a King woman





Jewel among stones

leading her people with courage like Moremi

Own ni oba obinrin

( Own ni oba obinrin - She is the She-king )

Yoruba English translation

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