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Coronavirus Why by Damini Awoyiga

coronavirus I ask why

Why are you here ?

Why are you making people fear ?

Why did you come

at this time of year?

2020 was supposed to be

New beginnings

All of us living together

I don't think any kid my age

Has ever experienced

Anything like this before

Things have happened before but


nothing like this


Or should I say


You came on a plain November day

To claim our human race

Not just in one place

You infected

Our mothers fathers sisters brothers sons and daughters

What if we had stayed home ?

Would all these people still have been infected ?

Coffee shops saying

We only do drive-thrus

Don't let them in

They might infect you

All around the world

Cities are Ghost towns

No people on the streets

Malls empty with no sound

No children roaming around

They are all in their homes safe and sound

Grocery store shelves bare

Cause all we did was prepare




Prepare get hand sanitizer

People rushed

People rushed to get to the stores

But at the end of the hustle

people saw

Unimaginable prices for hand sanitizer

Then it was no bottles left

Nothing to spare

So all we did was stare

Stare into the open spaces

Stare into the dying faces

places filled with faces covered with masks

Smells of sanitizer

Roaming the air like smoke

From wildfires





Work from home..

Stay away from other people..





Scientists looking for solutions

But still, cases arise

But we can try to prevent other people from dying or getting infected by self-isolating/staying home

Many people have died worldwide

But What more will you take?

What more should we give?

All we want is to live

For life to get back to normal

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