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FUTURE by Damini Awoyiga

You are Black excellence

You are strength and soul

You are the truth that ancestors spoke of

The future of Black rising

Black surviving

Striving and succeeding

You are the formula

That will set the forthcoming free

You will be supernovas

Guiding others across the night skies

Showing them they have the opportunity to rise

Each effort you make will be a triumph

You will flourish and prosper

You will grow trees in places with drought

Like Wangari Muta Maathai

A Revolutionist and environmental activist

She fought for what she believed in, no she never hid

She faced adversity and overcame

And you will persevere in hardships without a doubt

Trials and tribulations will come

But you will walk through minefields

You will shed light on the world

Like Lewis Howard Latimer

He overpowered the obstacles

that came his way

You will whether storms

Like Ororo Munroe

Creating lighting

You will short circuit

Those that challenge your faith

You will dodge the bullets

the world throws at you

like Lucas Cage

Do not let barriers control you

Do not allow yourself to be caged

You will go far

miles upon miles

Leaders will be made out of you

You will gain power

Like Black Panther

Dominating screens

Helping Black Children

Dream giving life to visions

You are the futuristic innovators and creators

the worlds been waiting for

And one day you will hold wisdom

Shining, wearing the stretches of time

But for now, continue on

For the past is long gone

We only know each day once

Until another one comes

Each is fast approaching

So take each step now

And enter the future

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