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CONJURE by Damini Awoyiga

You are Black Girl Magic

Conjured up from within

Your heart a glow of light

That wiLL never be dimmed

A core of fire

that will never be diminished

You are Guidance and power

called to the surface

You, a queen that slays

A QUEEN THAT will never be erased

You are Mami water

guiding and controlling storms

You, stand as Oya

The force that makes those that stand in your way quake

Your determination is unparalleled

by the societies will to bound you

You conjure up power from within

It's ebb AND FLOW

flowing gold

Into the tips of your soul

TO The tips of your hair

you are astonishing

There is magic within you

your future is promising,

Though limits will be placed on you

They will not hold you back

You will take BACK

the things you lack

You will strut your own path

Your requests will not be denied

You will speak your truth

voice your thoughts

speak with boldness and

SPEAK WITH purpose

courageous and confident

fearless in the pursuit of what

You, desire

Black girl

you are the purest of art

Pure in creation

Beautiful in your sway

Blessed in your shades

You will never fade

Cause black don't crack

You face a beautiful reflection

Of your ancestors

An image conjured

from the mirrors oF heaven

You will contest

the contempt placed on your complexion

You will challenge illusions

You will Create your own conclusion

You will dream

You will rise

You will shine

You will Shine

You will Shine


And I will watch you




I will know



Are Black Girl Magic

Conjured up from within

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