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Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians By Damini Awoyiga

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

From their sweat and blood, we rose

Delmore Buddy Daye

From their agony and strife we learned

David George

In their thoughts and poetry, we swam

Maxine Tynes

In there hope we played and ran

Marjorie Turner Bailey

In their songs, we sang

Portia White

From there power, we gained

Burnley Rocky Jones

From their courage, we raised

Viola Desmond

From their life, we flourished

Mayann Francis

In their footsteps and paths, we walked

Corrine Sparks

In their achievements, we lived

Calvin Ruck

From their fight, we learned

Carrie Best

In their lessons we created

Lindsay Ruck

In their resilience, we stood

The Black Battalion

From their words, we thought

George Elliott Clarke

From their activism, we learned to speak up

Lindell Smith

From their businesses, we grew

Marie Marguerite Rose

In their potential, we saw possibilities

Quentrel Provo

In their strength, we lie

From their examples, we lead

All Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians people fighting to create change.

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