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Girl Child by Damini Awoyiga

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Girl child,

Elegant and strong

Born with fire flowing in her veins

Born with blueprints of life on her tongue

Born with eyes sparkling with gold

A world without girls is impossible to imagine

She is a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend

She authors her own life

Girl child destined to roar loud and be heard

She’s laughed more than she’s cried

She’s been swimming through storms since she was in the womb

Fighting stereotypes and demanding Gender equality

Seeking A life free from

Gender based violence

Girl child,

You are more valuable than diamonds

Do not afraid of being smart, beautiful, and powerful

You are a landmark of triumph and integrity, beauty, and humility

You have a voice and something to say

Never conceal your rivers of wisdom that flows from within

And girl child,

Remember to hold up your sisters

For girls of every color, size, shape, sexual orientation,

Have a place in this world

Girls unite,

Join the insurrection on misogyny

The Girl Child,

is a leader,

She was not born to cower

She is a supporter, an organizer

She is much more than her body and hair

She will take down doors

to fight for her rights

She will unite for a feminist front attack

She will nurture her heart

to become the growing grounds of revolutions

she uses her voice to wield power

To speak up and fight against gender inequality

The girl child

Is not here to appease

Her hijab may unease you

Her confidence may unnerve you

But she’s not here to please you

Her light may outshine you

But it is not her job to make you comfortable

Girl child,

You are enough

You are equal to the boys

You are changing the world

The future and the past

You are clearing the path

For everybody

Girl child,

Know who you are

You are no longer child brides

No longer the less preferred

No longer the less educated

No longer the underestimated

No longer the ignored

You are the descendants of trailblazers

Women who built nations

Women who cleared the path

Women like Moremi

The legendary Yoruba Queen

who sacrificed everything to save her people

Women like Sojourner Truth

Women like Sacajawea

Women like Boudicca

Women like Jane Wisdom

Women like El Jones

Women like Mayann Francis

And Women like my mother

Let’s Reimagine a better world

Where the girl child is a force to be reckoned with

Where she is a masterpiece

Where the glass ceiling can no longer hold

cause on the thrones of power

is where SHE resides.

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